Frequently Asked questions

What is a bursary?

To educate pupils of merit from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds, our partner schools offer assistance with fees. The Bursary Foundation works to increase this provision. Fee assistance is based on the total gross income of the household in which the pupil lives and will be on a sliding scale. Specific information regarding income can be found on individual schools’ websites. 

Which pupils do we work with?

There is no particular ‘type’ of pupil we are looking for, but the qualities we hope to see are academic potential, a genuine enthusiasm for learning, a curiosity about the world and an ability to think about issues in depth. These qualities may display themselves in many different ways. 

Do we guarantee places at partner schools?

No. The schools that The Bursary Foundation partners with are selective. Pupils must therefore sit an entrance examination as well as either an interview or assessment day and be successful at each stage before being considered for a place. The Bursary Foundation helps pupils showing potential to prepare for exam and interview. 

How do we support pupils?

Transitioning to secondary school can be difficult and we are aware that our partner schools may be very different to pupils’ current schools. We therefore place huge importance on ongoing pastoral support to help pupils thrive by acting as an intermediary between families and schools, ensuring that appropriate pastoral support is available. We can organise school visits, provide past exam papers, work with families to arrange transport and help with application forms amongst other things. 

What if a family isn't sure that a partner school is a good fit for their child?

We can help show families the merit of attending one of our partner schools by arranging school visits and meeting with them over a period of time to answer their questions. Our programme will only be successful if we work closely with teachers, pupils and families towards the same outcome. It would not benefit pupils to work with them if their families on board with the project. 

What about additional costs at independent schools?

The Bursary Foundation works to ensure that pupils can benefit from everything on offer at our partner schools. Each family's circumstances are taken into account individually and where applicable, extra costs such as sports equipment, foreign language exchanges, uniform and transport may be included in the cost of a pupil's bursary.