"This is social mobility at its best."

As soon as I met Jenny and she spoke to me about the Bursary Foundation, I knew that this was something that I would like to get our Trust and our children involved in. I believe that this is a truly amazing opportunity for our children, that has the potential to change not only the lives of individuals but that of generations. This is social mobility at its best. Jenny has worked hard with our children and families. Feedback from everyone has been positive, and this opportunity has given the children greater aspirations whilst being well managed by Jenny to avoid any possible disappointments. As a Trust we would love to continue working with the Bursary Foundation and encourage other schools to open the doors of opportunity for their pupils.

Executive Principal, The Wise Owl Trust

"We are eternally grateful" 

We are eternally grateful to Jenny for all she has done, without her we would never of even thought of the idea to apply for such schools. My daughter could not be happier in her school. It is most definitely the right place for her to flourish and give her the best possible start for her future.

Parent of Bursary Foundation pupil 

"It made such a difference in making my daughter feel this is where she wanted to be"

She inspired my daughter so much and took time to try and help her be prepared by going over past papers and any area or subject she was weak in. Jenny even came with us on one of the Independent school's open evenings and went even further arranging for both me and my daughter to meet the staff and teachers of this school on a separate day, this really did make such a difference in making my daughter feel this is where she wanted to be. Jenny has continued to stay in contact with us and has a lovely relationship with both my daughter and our family. 

Parent of Bursary Foundation pupil